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Beautiful elephants during safari in Tarangire National Park

Ashton B

Every important factor on our trip was perfectly planned. We had an amazing safari experience with great game viewing, meals and hotels.

Whitney B

Thanks for helping us see so many beautiful animals up close in the wild. Every day was an amazing adventure that I will remember forever.



Aloyce, Thank you so much for making our honey moon the most perfect trip we could ever ask for. We have talked about going on an African Safari for gur honeyman Since we met 6 years ago and you helped create a Vacation that has changed our lives forever. I will never forget the thrill of spotting our first leopard, Searching for baby cubs in the tall grasses, and finding a rhino deep in the forest. Getting to know you and also visiting the different local tribes has fruly changed my outlook on life. Can't explain how thankful I am for the 10 days we spent with you and the bond we have made with you. I'll always remember the lessons you've taught me about mother nature.


Aloyce, WOW! Words cannot even describe how thankful we are for you. You have helped us to shape this trip into Something beyond our wildest dreams. Neither of us has ever experienced a trip anything like this & I'm not sure if we ever will again. Nothing will ever top our first time Seeing any of the Big 5 in the wild. We will cherish these memories FOREVER. we wouldn't change one thing from this trip and wouldn't rather spend our honeymoon with anyone else. From laughs (vyombo) to almost cries(that poor Zebra's leg & realizing the buffalo was pregnant), IT WAS PERFECT. We hope to keep in touch. THANK YOU

Ngorongoro Crater Tour

Joseph Franzetti

My father and I are artists from NYC and have travelled the globe, logging over 20 pure safaris (along with other rugged destinations). I was very fortunate to spend my 45th birthday in Tanzania for 5 days with Aloyce “Al” of Bushking Adventures. On this trip I was alone with Al, so the connection we had was even more important because it was isolated. I have experienced many guides, but NONE were as altruistic, knowledgeable and determined to bring me the experience I was hoping for. He took the time to listen and understand what I wanted to see and traversed the landscape with that always in mind - not his agenda, but the one his passenger desired.  He was quick on the draw to move when he heard of another event, but also totally satisfied to sit and gaze into the wilderness at my request. He even surprised me by setting up a special Swahili birthday song and dance that included the whole camp – it was very moving. One great moment was when I left my phone on top of the truck and it fell off along the trail. Needless to say I was nervous and worried as that mwas my main line of communication back home (to my wife and children). Al calmy said: “do not worry, by the time you realized its gone, it will have already have been picked up by another guide” He was 100% correct and the phone was picked up and back in hand less than an hour later.

Recommendation – On this trip, Al was chosen for me by my US travel agent, an agent I have used for over a decade and nails it every time. However, when I return to Tanzania and the Serengeti, I will work directly with Bushking Adventures. He is familiar with all the camps and I trust his placement completely. I also suggest not taking a flight from arusha to Serengeti, but rather visit Tarangire Ngorongoro, then drive to the Serengeti. This will keep you with one guide the entire time and if you are keen traveler, that guide with will the BUSHKING!!!

Gokul Iyer

“We 6 of us had Aloyse as our Guide and Driver of the Land Cruiser for out Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National park  in early July 22 for 10 days .. What an amazing time we had traveling thro all these magical national parks if Tanzania and treasures of the world. He was right on time to pic us up from the airstrip in North Serengeti and so was he all throughout our Safari. Aloyse was just fantastic taking us in timely way to see some of the wilds unique moments.. He us very informed and connected to get the accurate information about important at wildlife sighting .. He knows all the dirt road in all the parks at his finger tips and he will tirelessly spend all day in taking u in remote areas of the park. He is patient with your needs and fulfills it to the best of his capabilities .. ever smiling .. I am sure he will be an an excellent guide for you.”
Narayan Iyer

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Feb 2-7, 2023

For 6 days this past February our group of four was under the superb care of Aloyce in the Tanzanian game parks. We visited four different game reserves: Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park. We found Aloyce to be genuinely interested in our safari experience as he patiently guided us, making an effort to keep abreast of the local ham radio chatter to find animal activity on the endless plains. He is very knowledgeable about the animals and the layout of the parks and we were able to see much more than just the ‘big five’ of the jungle. Two other highlights of our trip was a visit to a Maasai boma and the Shalom Orphanage Centre in Karatu, both of which were remarkably humbling experiences that were made possible by Aloyce during our busy schedule.

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